Monday, April 27, 2009

Daddy Dressing Disaster

Why is it you never have the camera handy in one of those moments that just needs a photo?

Despite the lack of photographic evidence - I have to share Miss C's outfit she donned yesterday - carefully hand picked by her doting Daddy.

 He came to me asking approval - absolutely nothing wrong with the co-ordination - slight size problem - he managed to pick out a small size 1 t-shirt and a size 0 pair of capri pants - for our almost 3 year old! Poor Miss C  looked rather disheveled - t-shirt not meeting her waist, singlet hanging out a good 10cm, and shorts that were quite obviously once capris!

Now I admit, these clothes should have been space bagged at the beginning of summer - but I really wonder what caused Daddy to dig deep through piles of size 2 to find the two things she hasn't worn since last summer!

Love that the effort was put in though - he did better than me today - she has spent all day in her pj top.

I really must get around to sorting through the clothes that no longer fit and get out all those cozy winter ones too - oh and of course, must make sure the camera is handy to capture the next Daddy Dressing Disaster!

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