Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back to Normal Programming

It appears migraines on a Friday, a crazy weekend, and gastro on a Monday - don't mix too well with blogging.

Normality, appears to be returning slowly. So it will be back to normal programming ASAP!

p.s. Whatever happened to good old test pattern - I remember them often on TV growing up. Are infomercials the new test pattern? lol

Thursday, March 11, 2010

About Last Night...

Mother Guilt... It is all I have been thinking of all morning. We all have it, it could be because we pressed replay on that Wiggles DVD one too many times or give up on trying to give them vegetables (I have done both here!).

Last night I had a fresh bout. I decided to night wean Miss J. She is One now - and I think I can count the number of times she has slept through on one hand, with fingers to spare. Just lately, it has extended past the quick, one sided, 10 minutes and I am back in bed. It has extended to needing both sides, needing a cuddle, having a cry and taking half an hour. I have to stop it now, before I caffeinate all my organs permanently in an attempt to stay awake during the day.

After chatting to a good friend on mine on Tuesday, our daughters are almost identical in their sleep behaviours - I quizzed her on her techniques and decided it was time.

Little Miss J must have heard us talking - because on Tuesday night, she only woke once at 4:30am - I was happy with that one, but last night it all changed.

I head up to bed, and heard the cry. I waited - it wasn't distressing. I brushed my teeth, got into my PJ's and it hadn't stopped. So I went in... she went quiet. And then the battle began, she quickly realised I had shut up shop. 

She kicked, she hit, she screamed... and I stayed strong. But I felt SO SO guilty. 

After an hour, she fell asleep in my arms, I looked down at those angelic chubby cheeks and melted... and felt guilty.

Miss J won't remember in a weeks time, and I am sure my guilt will fade as soon as I get a full night's sleep. But this morning, I still feel guilty enough to tell you. 

I know we all do it, we shouldn't, but we do.

So, help me lift the guilt and yours too - What's your latest Mother Guilt moment?

p.s. She actually slept through until morning after that... ooh there goes some of the guilt already!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

About Me

I am so proud of ME! 

Today, in true Sunny Mummy style, I have looked after ME first. I will be a better Mummy because of it.

So I slept in, I needed it. Having a 1 year old who still wakes during the night takes its toll. 

I got up, I made my breakfast, brewed a pot of coffee and sat down here. Instead of mindlessly clicking on forums (no offence girls, you know you are some of my best friends!), I came straight here. I filled in my profile. 

So now you can click on my complete profile and actually find out something about me. I hope it gives you a little window and I hope you will learn more as I continue with my 40 day challenge. 

Now, I am off to do some work, and perhaps try and take a photo of myself to share. One where my eyes don't look like I really need the sleep in I had this morning!

P.S Do you like the Daffodils? I was so excited when these came up in my image search, they are such a bright and happy flower - definitely one of my favourites! Makes me feel the same.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Challenge!

Everyday I think about blogging, but it gets pushed to the bottom of the list. It shouldn't... It is something I want to do.

Recently some changes have been made in my life - by me! I have discovered Sunny Mummy and Stacey really is making my world a warmer place to be. I purchased her Sunny Mummy Assistant, and each day as I use it, I feel so much calmer and ready to tackle the world. If you feel chaos constantly in your life, I highly recommend it.

There is lots more things that have been happening - but I will get to them as I work through my challenge.

What's my challenge to myself?

Another recent purchase is a gorgeous little e-book called "Let's Give Them Something to Blog About" written by the even more gorgeous Chantelle over at FatMumSlim. There is 40 blogging ideas in this book - so I have issued myself a challenge of every day, picking one and blogging about it.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit - I think 40 should suffice!

Best get to it...

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Week That Was...

As we get closer to Christmas, I seem to struggle to find time to scratch myself... hmm... who am I kidding - I always struggle to find time to scratch myself. I blame Facebook, Twitter and the copious quantities of beautiful blogs and stores out there! Before I know it each day, it is 11am, I am still in my PJ's and my coffee is cold. I can't complain though, busy life is a happy life!

SO, What happened last week in my life?

I Went: To the Wiggly Play Centre (and just in me going to the site to get the link, Miss C pipes up in the background - "I want to go there again! Please can I?" Such Manners!)

I Shopped: At Bub N Beyond who currently has the BEST sale ever on - I stocked up the present box with loads of these gorgeous Sparkle T puzzles, perfect for Kris Kringle presents.
Almost everything is on sale - so grab a bargain while you can!

I Cooked: Very Little! Which is very naughty of me, as my Hubby turned 39! I couldn't even whip up a batch of cupcakes! I told him I was saving myself for the multi-layered Zumbo Masterchef cake he wants for his 40th! I have a year to practice!

I Worked: Well, you will have to watch this space for more on this... but besides a rather fun Tupperware party on Friday night (drinking champagne with friends while playing with plastic! What could be better?), I also got an exciting new business opportunity! All systems go, VERY soon! Watch this space!

I Played: My sister introduced me to Words With Friends !! Great thanks! A new addiction! My username is Shell78 if anyone wants to play!

So there we are, another week closer to Christmas - and time to ponder the next week ahead!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Directions - which way to go?

I have been thinking the last few days about what direction I want 'Bliss and Pink' to go in... I don't like being calculated, but I think I have to! How can you write on a blog if you have no idea what you are meant to be writing about? And you don't want to listen to my mindless dribble... or do you? :P

So I decided to think about what I like:

My Children

I don't like:

The constant lack of money
Cleaning! (except for when I get on a role - am such a perfectionist, I hate a half finished job!)

When I look at the list of what I like, these are my passions, these are my life - easy to write about the things you are passionate in your life isn't it?

So there you have it - my blog officially has direction!

I hope you are going to enjoy my lusting over Tupperware, online shopping sites, planning my next dream holiday (because that changes almost weekly!), my kitchen successes and failures, and most importantly the antics of my crazy children!

Friday, November 27, 2009

So I've been slack

Well the title says it all - I have been slack - I had good intentions I promise!!

I need to dip my toe back into blogging world, and I am sure once I dip my toe, the rest of me will follow. After all, the water isn't so cold once you are in is it?
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