Wednesday, March 10, 2010

About Me

I am so proud of ME! 

Today, in true Sunny Mummy style, I have looked after ME first. I will be a better Mummy because of it.

So I slept in, I needed it. Having a 1 year old who still wakes during the night takes its toll. 

I got up, I made my breakfast, brewed a pot of coffee and sat down here. Instead of mindlessly clicking on forums (no offence girls, you know you are some of my best friends!), I came straight here. I filled in my profile. 

So now you can click on my complete profile and actually find out something about me. I hope it gives you a little window and I hope you will learn more as I continue with my 40 day challenge. 

Now, I am off to do some work, and perhaps try and take a photo of myself to share. One where my eyes don't look like I really need the sleep in I had this morning!

P.S Do you like the Daffodils? I was so excited when these came up in my image search, they are such a bright and happy flower - definitely one of my favourites! Makes me feel the same.


  1. Yay for you Shell!
    Lucky for me, today is a kindy day - I bought some magazines and took myself off to a little cafe for aome blissful quiet.

  2. Glad you're putting yourself first! We so often forget and we end up last. But happy mummy = happy family!!


Nothing better than a nice comment to bring a smile to my face :) Thank you!

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