Monday, December 14, 2009

The Week That Was...

As we get closer to Christmas, I seem to struggle to find time to scratch myself... hmm... who am I kidding - I always struggle to find time to scratch myself. I blame Facebook, Twitter and the copious quantities of beautiful blogs and stores out there! Before I know it each day, it is 11am, I am still in my PJ's and my coffee is cold. I can't complain though, busy life is a happy life!

SO, What happened last week in my life?

I Went: To the Wiggly Play Centre (and just in me going to the site to get the link, Miss C pipes up in the background - "I want to go there again! Please can I?" Such Manners!)

I Shopped: At Bub N Beyond who currently has the BEST sale ever on - I stocked up the present box with loads of these gorgeous Sparkle T puzzles, perfect for Kris Kringle presents.
Almost everything is on sale - so grab a bargain while you can!

I Cooked: Very Little! Which is very naughty of me, as my Hubby turned 39! I couldn't even whip up a batch of cupcakes! I told him I was saving myself for the multi-layered Zumbo Masterchef cake he wants for his 40th! I have a year to practice!

I Worked: Well, you will have to watch this space for more on this... but besides a rather fun Tupperware party on Friday night (drinking champagne with friends while playing with plastic! What could be better?), I also got an exciting new business opportunity! All systems go, VERY soon! Watch this space!

I Played: My sister introduced me to Words With Friends !! Great thanks! A new addiction! My username is Shell78 if anyone wants to play!

So there we are, another week closer to Christmas - and time to ponder the next week ahead!


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  2. I won't even attempt the Masterchef cake! Cheesecake shop here I come ha ha.


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