Friday, June 19, 2009

Turning 31

It was my birthday yesterday - 31! I was really expecting it to be a non-event, after all it was only 31 and I had already bought my own present.

I ended up having a really lovely day.

Somehow, the girls let me sleep in past 8am. I had an inkling of a surprise gift lurking somewhere the night before, and promptly asked Charlotte if she had a surprise for Mummy - she ran with excitement to her room to show me.

The pressie was a bit heavy for her to carry, but she proudly dug into the pink sparkly bag and produced my Birthday card that she had made, and read it to me. "Happy Birthday Mummy, from me and Daddy and Jassy".
Well this was enough to make my day and heart melt :)
(The pressie was a long awaited copy of Nigella Express! Daddy did well!)

Charlotte got dropped off at pre-school, and Jassy and I got ready for shopping with Grandma (well she slept, I showered in peace! lol).

Mum took me out for a lovely lunch, gave me a card which made me cry in the restaurant, and then we shopped and spent ALL my birthday money! I haven't actually spent birthday/christmas money on myself so well EVER! So I am all blissed out with new clothes - can't wait to show them off.

This was all topped off in the evening by worn out girls in bed, glass of pink champagne in hand and Thai take away in lap with Grey's on TV - really how could a birthday get any better?

(Oh that's right - you can set up your new Wii Fit and laugh as your husband declares how hard it is trying to imaginary hula hoop!)


  1. Sounds like a perfect day! How gorgeous the way Charlotte read out the card..... so sweet. I always end up spending birthday/christmas money on boring stuff like phone credit or groceries so I totally know what you mean about it being so exciting to spend it really well on yourself - yay!! :)

  2. Happy birthday! Definitely a good time of year to have a birthday AND have birthday money! LOL

  3. Happy birthday! Sounds like it was a wonderful day :)


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